Monday, August 4, 2008

Radical Acceptance

There's an amazing number of dharma talks available on-line for free - makes great listening when you have some time in the car, or during a commute. I loved this talk by Tara Brach about the Buddhist teaching of radical acceptance. It's a powerful practice - accepting each moment exactly as it is - and something to keep in mind as the presidential race gets increasingly nasty and disheartening. There's a great talk by Ram Das, as well.

I'd like to post more frequently, but I have a lot of work to do for my Phoenix Rising training, so I'll just accept it!

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  1. i love ram dass but man, tara brach's talk was amazing. it's easy to forget how pervasive this mythology of returning to the garden or the protestant work ethic is. lela mentioned in a class one day how a pose can be an exploration rather than a goal - what a lesson!

    great listen too - the prosody in tara's voice harmonized well with this message of steadiness and acceptance. i think the same could be said for ram dass when he's speaking about how humor consistently gives different perspectives.

    thank you for the link to zencast.