Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Poem on Contentment (inspired by Rumi)

just to lie in bed on a quiet morning
to eat whatever food is on hand
read the books on your shelf
enjoy the trees in your backyard

take a stand in this moment
refuse to leave until you see it
is just as perfect as any other
if you wait too long, you'll be dead before
the super deluxe bliss nirvana explosion arrives

why be so stingy with your affection?
the ice cream moments already know they're special
water the mundane tooth-brushings with your appreciation

so you finally got that exquisite pleasure you've been waiting for
was it enough? is the yearning extinguished?
the show always ends, the curtain rises to reveal the next need
by all means, watch the play!
root for the good guy, despise the evildoer
but then be kind enough to applaud the actors
wow, that really seemed real, didn't it?

contentment is the path to peace
no moment is slandered, sought after, shoved aside
settling in as the ten thousand things rise and fall
a sandy shore washed by waves
grateful for each

1 comment:

  1. one of the things from literature on yoga and meditation that consistently sticks with me after the book is put down are specific examples from "real" life that help cue the metaphor or abstract principle being discussed - stopping to look at the trees, brushing your teeth. i read your poem a couple days ago and whenever i brush my teeth since, i remember.

    thank you!