Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Notes on a yoga therapy training

I'm in Bristol, Vermont at the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training center. I'm just at the end of Day 1 of a 12 day training that will teach me how to lead small groups in the Phoenix Rising process. I intend to use this blog to set down my thoughts about the process, and perhaps entice some reader into joining me when I start a group in Evanston...

At the center of this program is the work of becoming aware of how we create stress in our lives, and then learning how to make choices in our daily life that reduce or eliminate stress. Elissa Cobb, the leader of the training, defines stress very simply as resistance to what is. Phoenix Rising - both in one-on-one work and in the group format - offers tools to help us learn how to stop fighting with what is and just be with it. That includes learning how to be with our resistance to being with what is (that's the tricky part).

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  1. Love the blog title, Nick. Hope your training goes well. With very best wishes,


    Michael Lee, MA
    Founder - Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
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